PHTO-240 Week 8 Panorama's and "World" Project

I have not made an update lately, but over the past few weeks a lot has been covered. Amongst that, we learned to manually stitch panoramas together and a bunch of other in-depth features involving Photoshop. I stitched together a panorama I had taken in Florida and the assignment called for adding at least one object into the photo and making it look realistic (adding a shadow, adjust lighting, etc). I searched through my old photos and used my photo of four P-51 Mustangs flying, a sailboat in Key West, and a bird from the bird exhibit in Key West.

In addition to that project, we needed to then create some photoshopped photo that represented another world. It could have been turning a city into rubble, or making someone into a zombie. For my project, I chose to use a portrait I had recently taken and turn the girl into a cyborg.

You can also check this out on my Instagram page, or click to view it in higher resolution.

I also experimented with using my panorama of Philadelphia and making it appear as a new "colorful" world. The mountains in the photo are not my pictures, they were used for the sole purpose of educating myself and experimenting.

Click to view in high resolution!