PHTO-234&240: Final Projects

I am well over due for an update to my blog. For our final projects, we were given almost complete freedom.

My digital class required at least three edits in Photoshop and my studio class required portraits. The portrait assignment was by far my most favorite. I chose to use dogs instead of people. A huge thanks to my friends Sarina and John for bringing their beautiful dogs to the studio.

I will start out with the digital class final. I had a lot on my mind as I tried to find what I should do. What I ended up doing was certainly not my first idea I wanted to do, but it was something I could manage to get "finished" within the time block I had. This was definitely a first run at this and I learned a lot of things for when I revisit the idea. I wanted to create an effect of the color dripping out of the fruits/vegetables. Using acrylic paint did not produce the droopiness I was looking to achieve, so thats one thing I will definitely be changing next time. I also don't think I will re-approach this with the same idea, but more so an altered idea.

Next were my dog portraits, my favorite out of this whole term. It was a complicated process that required a lot of trial and error, as well as a bunch of adjustments and patience. I took inspiration from Jill Greenberg's work with babies and various animals. At the bottom is an example of the lighting madness that took place.