PHTO-231: "Glow Time" Assignment

It's currently week 5 of my spring term as a sophomore at Drexel University. If you're just tuning into my posts now, this specific class deals with color photography and how to photograph using color. This next assignment entails photographing during the sunset, which produces a golden "glow" or cast to your photos. There was a couple of ways to approach this assignment, as some of my peers did things indoors, using people as subjects, etc.

Hasselblad 1600 F with Kodak Ektar 2,8/80 mm lens. Photo credited to Eugene Ilchenko via Wikipedia

Hasselblad 1600 F with Kodak Ektar 2,8/80 mm lens. Photo credited to Eugene Ilchenko via Wikipedia

I went with landscapes as my focus, picked an area, and studied it for about a week and a half through two trips as I took photos. I used a Hasselblad (pictured to the left) and 120 6x6 color film. After processing, I scanned them and we were taught how to color correct the images in Photoshop using curves.

Below are the final six photos I presented to the class for our critique.


The color palette that you are working with is the reduced in contrast glow time color experienced at sunset and sunrise. There are two possible directions that you can choose for this assignment.
One would be to photograph the exterior objective world late in the day. You might also choose to photograph subjects that deal with the landscape in ways that are relevant to social, ecological.... issues. The landscape work of John Pfahl and Richard Misrach are appropriate examples. Much of their work challenges our preconceived notions about landscape and allows us to see the world in a new way.
The other option might be to choose a more subjective approach photographing a personal world-view. For these pictures, available daylight will be especially important to describe subjective states. Mona Kuhn or Nan Goldin would be appropriate examples.
For this project, you should look at the environment in which you live and work. Look for some element of that place that interests you and try to ask yourself to name what that is. Photograph with that theme in mind and use the glow time color palette.
For this project use a tripod and cable release.
— Assignment Instructions from Prof. Stuart Rome